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Harrah Soccer Club Bylaws

Reviewed & Revised: September 20, 2005


LAW 1. SOCCER YEAR A. The soccer year will coincide with the fiscal year as defined in the constitution. B. The Spring and Fall seasons will correspond with those set by FCSA.

LAW 2. AGE LIMITS A player’s age classification for the season shall be determined by the players age on August 1 of the current soccer year.

LAW 3. FIELD OF PLAY A. Locations shall be approved by the Board of Directors. B. The size of the fields to be played on will be defined by the United States Soccer Federation, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. C. See Diagrams in appendix of FCSA bylaws.

LAW 4. PRACTICE TIMES Recreational teams are limited to a maximum of three times per week and one and one half hours per session. No more than three team activities will be allowed per week—including games.

LAW 5. FIELD EQUIPMENT HSC will provide necessary equipment.

LAW 6. COACH EQUIPMENT A. Each coach will be provided with a game ball which will be presented to the referee prior to each home game. B. The items mentioned above will remain the property of HSC and will be returned to the club’s area coordinator at the end of the season. C. This club will provide each coach with all forms necessary to administer their team for one season.

LAW 7. PLAYER UNIFORMS A. Players shall not wear anything which is dangerous to other players or themselves. B. A player’s equipment shall consist of the following: 1. Jersey shirt (any color except solid black) 2. Short pants 3. Knee length stockings 4. Shoes in accordance with the laws of the game 5. The goalkeeper’s shirt must be clearly distinguishable from the rest of the players. NOTE: The following types of shoes are not allowed: baseball shoes, football shoes, track shoes, shoes with metal spikes or any part that is metal, or street shoes with leather or hard rubber soles. C. SHIN GUARDS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL PLAYERS AND REQUIRED TO BE WORN DURING ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. NO SHIN GUARDS OF RIGID MATERIAL WILL BE ALLOWED.

LAW 8. GENERAL RULES A. If an official referee fails to appear or is incapacitated during the game with no licensed official available and the two coaches agree on a method of officiating, the game shall be played. If no agreement can be reached, the game shall be rescheduled. B. All referee reports concerning misconduct and ejections must be submitted in writing to FCSA within seventy-two hours after the incident. C. All complaints concerning referees must be submitted to the HSC and FCSA Appeals Committee seventy-two hours after the incident. In no case, shall members of this club submit complaints directly to the referee association without prior approval of the Board of Directors. D. An official roster will be provided to each coach by the HSC. A copy of the official roster is to be given to the referee by each coach prior to the game kickoff.

LAW 9. NUMBER OF PLAYERS A. Each U- 12 through U-19 team in an official game shall field no more than eleven (11) not less than seven (7) players. B. Each U-l0 team in an official game shall field no more than six (6) nor less than five (5) players. C. Each U-8 team in an official game shall field no more than four (4) nor less than three (3) players. D. Each U-12 through U-l9 shall have no more than the following number of players on contract: 1. Maximum of eighteen (18) players. 2. Minimum of seven (7) players. E. Each U-l0 team shall have no more than the following number of players on contract: 1. Maximum of eleven (11) players 2. Minimum of six (6) players. F. Each U-8 team shall have no more than the following number of players on contract. 1. Maximum of eight (8) players. 2. Minimum of four (4) players. G. These limits may be waived by the Board of Directors. All waivers must be submitted in writing.

LAW 10. FORMATION OF TEAMS A. Terms of contract: 1. Once a player is assigned to a team, he/she is bound to that team for the duration of the playing season. 2. A player may not play for another team in his/her age division unless properly released. B. Coaches must offer every player a position on his team as long as that player remains in that age bracket. C. Returning players must be registered with the club no later than the last scheduled sign-up to guarantee their position. D. Players may be added to a team after the season begins at the discretion of the Area Coordinator. E. U7 and above teams will be formed as gender specific where possible. Girl teams will play only girl teams. Boy teams will play only boy teams. Girls will have the option of playing on a boys’ team. F. Parental requests for specific coaches will not be guaranteed.

LAW 11. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY A. A player is considered an applicant only when his/her fee is paid or waived, registration form filled out, and personal data is recorded on the club copy of the team roster. These steps properly taken, he/she may be listed on a team roster and is eligible to compete in league play. B. The player’s registration form must be submitted to the Area Coordinator prior to any league play by that player. This includes practices! C. A player’s registration form can be received by the Area Coordinator anytime during the season of play, but must be on file SEVENTY-TWO (72) HOURS before that player can compete in any league play. D. Each player must have a registration form signed by a parent/guardian, must present the area coordinator with a birth certificate, and must pay all player fees before being considered a member of a team, being included on a team roster, and allowed to participate in league play. This includes practicing! E. A player will be required to show proof of age by submitting a copy of his/her birth certificate upon registration. F. A player who elects to “play up” in an older age group must be evaluated by the Director of Coaching and Player Development who will either approve or decline the request to move the player up.

LAW 12. TEAM ELIGIBILITY A. A properly executed team roster listing all players must be submitted to the coordinator before that team may compete in league play. B. Only players whose fees have been paid or waived and registration form has been signed are considered team members and are listed on team rosters. C. A team roster shall not be accepted by the Area Coordinator unless it is filled out completely and in the proper format.

LAW 13. RELEASES A. A coach may release a player if the player requests it and the coach agrees. A coach may request removal of a player by written request to the area coordinator if the player has been guilty of insubordination, willful evasion of practice and/or games, serious misconduct or other such infractions. B. A player may obtain his/her own release by the mutual consent of the player and coach. NOTE: A coach is not bound to release a player upon request, but is expected to exercise good judgement. C. A player may appeal to the HSC Board for a hearing if he/she feels that they have been wrongfully denied their release. A player may also appeal to the Board of Directors if she/he feels that they have been wrongfully released. The decision of the HSC Board will be final in all cases. D. The release must be rendered in writing to the Area Coordinator. One copy will be retained by the player, and one given to the coach. It must be clearly signed by the releasing team coach. E. The Area Coordinator will take appropriate note of the release and will take care of any paperwork necessary.


LAW 15. GAME FORFEITURE A. Any team playing with a member in violation of the age limits for their team, as defined in LAW 2 of the limits, shall forfeit all games and points gained in which the player participated. B. The playing of anyone for whom the club holds no contract as required by these bylaws, shall forfeit all games and points in which the player participated. C. If a team does not have the minimum number of players required to begin play after the referee orders play to begin, or if a team has sufficient players ejected to fall below the minimum number of players on the field, then the game shall be declared a forfeit in favor of the opposing team. D. Playing a suspended player will result in the loss of the game and points for any game that he/she participated in while under suspension. E. A coach not playing each member present approximately one-half of each game shall invoke an automatic forfeiture of that game in favor of the opposing team unless the player is withheld from the game for disciplinary reasons. The coach of the opposing team and the referee must be notified before the team takes the field. F. A team not properly represented by their head coach or a duly authorized representative will forfeit that game in favor of the opposing team.

LAW 16. PROTEST AND SUSPENSIONS A. All protests must be submitted in writing to the Area Coordinator within forty- eight hours after 6:00 P.M. on the day of the game being protested. This protest must be accompanied by a fee of $100.00 to be returned only if the protest is upheld. The protest must be received by the HSC President within seventy-two hours after 6:00 P.M. of the day of the game being protested. B. Protests must be heard by the Executive Board within two weeks of the date of the protest. C. No protest will be upheld based on the qualifications of the referee or on matters of the referee’s judgement. D. Team absences: Three (3) consecutive absences from games shall automatically suspend a team without refund of fees. The Board of Directors shall have the option of striking all records and scores from standings. E. Refusal to play: Teams refusing to play or continue a game after being ordered to do so by the referee shall be automatically suspended pending a ruling by the Board of Directors. Name of such team and its’ players shall be reported to the association. F. Any player or team official striking or attempting to strike an official at any time, shall automatically be suspended for LIFE from soccer with the Harrah Soccer Club. The offender(s) name shall be sent to FCSA with said suspension and the reason defined. G. Complaints concerning referees must be submitted in writing to the Head Referee or Referee Coordinator. In no case shall members of this club submit complaints directly to the Referee’s Association without prior approval of the Board of Directors. Any member who violates this rule will be subject to disciplinary action. H. Ejections: 1. A player who is ejected shall leave the immediate area of the playing field before recommencement of the game. 2. Refusal by a player to leave the area within the time specified by the referee shall result in immediate termination and forfeiture of the game. 3. No substitution is allowed for a player ordered from the field of play by a referee in the Juvenile Division. A substitution may be made in the Junior Division at the next regular allowed time for a substitution. 4. A player who is ejected shall not participate in the remainder of the game from which he/she was ejected or in the next game in which that player would normally have participated. This will apply to all HSC functions. 5. Any ejected player will receive from the Head Referee a letter stating the punishment and informing the player of his/her rights. Copies of this letter are sent to the coach, Area Coordinator, and Vice President. 6. A player who receives three (3) yellow cards in a season shall not participate in the next game in which the player would normally participate. All yellow cards will be reported by the local club referee coordinator to the Head Referee who will be responsible for notifying by letter the player. This will apply to all HSC functions. 7. Any player fighting or involved in a fight will receive a red card and shall not play in the next two (2) games in which the player would normally have participated. This will apply to all HSC functions. 8. A second red card for fighting during a soccer fiscal year will result in the offending player being suspended for the rest of the year. 9. Teams showing consistent unsportsmanlike conduct may have their coaches disciplined by the HSC Board. I. The referee must be notified immediately following the game if the coach intends to protest the preceding game.

LAW 17. PLAYING RULES See USYSA guidelines.

LAW 18. SUBSTITUTES A. Any eligible player may be substituted. B. There are no limits to the number of substitutions. C. Substitutions will only be allowed at the following times: 1. Goal Scored 2. Half-time 3. The team in possession of the ball may call for substitutions at throw- ins. 4. Either team may substitute at goal kicks or replace an injured player one on one. 5. The substituting team coach, during interruption of play at any of the authorized points, must gain the attention of the referee and indicate the player which is to substitute. The player(s) going into the game shall enter and exit at mid-field. D. Goalie changes may be made at any regular substituting time as long as the referee is notified.

LAW 19. MISCONDUCT A. The referee may call a foul whenever a coach, player, or spectator enters the field without the referee’s sanction. B. All persons except the linesman MUST remain behind the spectator line and between the penalty areas. No persons are allowed behind the goal line. Coaches shall assist the referee and linesman in keeping the lines cleared. The referee may eject players or persons who crowd these lines. Coaches and non- playing team members will stay inside the coaches’ box. C. Coaches have the responsibility for controlling the conduct of the TEAM, PLAYERS, PARENTS, and SUPPORTERS. D. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on or within view of the playing area or spectator area. E. No coach shall endeavor to run up a high score against any team. F. No audible mechanical devices will be permitted at the games, i.e., bullhorns, whistles, etc, by coaches or spectators.

LAW 20. FOUL WEATHER PROCEDURES A. The referee has the final authority to suspend a game after it begins due to weather or field conditions. Referees will take into account the ages of players when suspending games due to weather. B. The Area Coordinator, members of the Board or referees have the authority to postpone any game prior to the start of play due to weather or field conditions. COACHES WILL NOT CANCEL GAMES. C. Teams must report to the playing field ready to play unless, they are previously notified by this club. The penalty for failure to follow this rule is forfeiture of the game. D. Coaches must not assume a game has been postponed unless they are previously notified by this club. The penalty for failure to follow this rule is forfeiture of the game. E. The Area Coordinator will notify this club of all games postponed. F. If a game is suspended because of foul weather before the second half has begun, that game will be replayed. If suspended after the start of the second half, that game will be considered a full game and the score will stand.

LAW 21. RESCHEDULE A. After postponement of any game by the Area Coordinator, Referee or Board Member, the rescheduling authority will rest with the coaches who will then notify the Area Coordinator. Contact is to be made within one week. B. If a coach is unable to play a game, the referee coordinator and area coordinator must be notified 48 hours prior to the scheduled game time. The penalty for not following this rule is forfeiture of the game. C. It is the home team coach’s responsibility to start the rescheduling process. D. The Area Coordinator shall make all decisions regarding rescheduling in the event of a controversy between coaches of any game. E. The home team will be responsible for notifying the Referee and Area Coordinator of all rescheduled games. F. The coach needing to reschedule must provide the opposing coach at least 7 days notice prior to the scheduled game.

LAW 22. DETERMINING OCCUPIED SIDE OF THE FIELD A. Teams shall occupy opposite sides of the field whenever possible. B. Home team shall have it’s choice of sides. C. Visiting team shall occupy the opposite side of the field. D. Agreement may be made between opposing coaches to occupy the same side of the field, but it must be clearly understood between them.

LAW 23. PROTOCOL ON THE FIELDS A. No coaching shall be allowed on the opposite side of the field by either team: Sending someone to the opposite side of the field to coach will be taken as a form of harassment and the offender may be ejected from the playing field. B. The offended team coach and team may protest this harassment and if upheld, could result in the loss of the game by the offending team and/or disciplinary action from the HSC Board. C. The only non-playing person who may question the officials is the team coach or acting coach.

LAW 24. STANDINGS A. Determining league standings: 1. Winning Team 6 points 2. Tie Games 3 points 3. Losing Team 0 points B. Additionally each team (win, lose, or draw) receives one (1) point for each of the first three goals scored by the team. C. Teams that win by a differential of more than ten goals shall only receive 6 points for the win. D. If two or more teams are tied at the end of the spring competition the champion will be determined by: 1) Head to head results. 2) A playoff game E. The official scorekeeper Will compile weekly standings of the teams within their divisions. F. Standings will be made available to each team coach upon request. G. Both coaches will have the referee sign his/her official roster. The referee is responsible for getting it to their Area Coordinator.

LAW 25. CHARGE TO RESPONSIBILITY Coaches are charged with the responsibility to promote soccer area wide and make every effort to see that everyone who wants to play soccer has a place to play.

LAW 26. TEAM NAMES The coach and players shall choose a team name. If two teams choose the same name, the decision is left to the coaches as to which team changes names. Unresolved team name disputes will be decoded by the HSC Board.

LAW 27. SPONSORS Sponsors are not a requirement and some teams may not be able to recruit one. The purpose of the program is to get teams formed and playing.

LAW 28. SCORES Scores will be called into the official scorekeeper by the Asst. Area Coordinator or designated representative as soon as possible after completion of games. All coaches are responsible for reporting scores to the Assistant Area Coordinator by Monday following the game played. The Assist. Area Coordinator will work with the local newspapers in getting the weekly scores published.

LAW 29. REFEREES A. Center Referees will not be scheduled to referee games in which they have children, siblings, or spouses unless the Referee Coordinator has prior agreement from both participating coaches. B. Referees have total control of the game from kickoff until the referee removes himself/herself from the field. C. Referees must have a one year age group spread between themselves and the division they are refereeing (center referee). D. No referee shall be younger than twelve (12) years of age. E. The second game card, with or without cautions or ejections, must be turned into the local club referee coordinator, who in turn reports this to the Head Referee. F. A minimum of two (2) referee general meetings will be held per season to be scheduled by the HSC Head Referee with a minimum of two weeks prior notice. Each HSC Referee must attend one or more of these meetings per season or risk forfeiture of refereeing HSC games. Attendance at FCSA referee meetings meet this requirement. G. During the second half of any match in which one team is behind by nine or more goals, the referee may give the losing team the option of terminating the game.

LAW 30. TROPHIES A. First, second, and third place trophies in U8 and U10 will be awarded to winning teams provided there is enough money in the treasury. B. If two teams are tied for first place there will be a playoff game. C. If there is a tie for second place, both teams will receive a second place trophy and no third place trophies will be awarded. Subject to section A of this Law. D. Participation trophies will be given in U-6. Subject to section A of this Law. E. Participation medals will be given in U-8, U-10, U-12. Subject to section A of this Law.

LAW 31. TOURNAMENTS A. An open tournament is defined as a combined team within the same age division. B. A closed team is defined as a team playing off established rosters. C. In tournament play, no division shall consist of less than four teams. D. Team points, referee law, and FCSA rules will be followed in all tournaments sanctioned by HSC. E. In case of the need to resolve a draw, FCSA rules will be followed.

LAW 32. CLUB REFEREES Each area club will endeavor to provide 70 percent of team representation to the referee pool (i.e. if the area club has ten teams participating, seven referees would be needed).

LAW 33. SPECIAL RULES UNDER 6 AND 8 A. Under 6 is a non-competitive league. There will be no standings or record kept of win/loss. No scores will be kept. B. Recognition of participation will be issues to all under 6 players. C. Under 8 is a competitive league. There will be standing and records kept of win/loss. Scores will be kept. D. All fouls will result in a DIRECT FREE KICK. E. No penalty kicks are to be taken. F. A third throw-in should be allowed if the player commits a foul on the initial and second attempt. The referee shall explain the proper method before allowing the player to re-throw. If the player is still having trouble a kick in will be allowed. The same player must do all three tries and the kick in. G. Players will be allowed to retake any improper start. H. On any restart, opponent must be the distance of the radius of the center circle away from the ball. I. NO GOALKEEPERS. J. The referee must explain all infractions to the offending player.

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