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Costner huge soccer fan

Actor Kevin Costner celebrates birthday - Arsenal style

Actor Kevin Costner spent his 49th birthday by cheering for Arsenal of the English Premier League. Upon his arrival in London, he immediately asked if Arsenal was playing then made arrangements to attend.

"My first introduction to English football was in 1990, when I was over here making 'Robin Hood'", Costner said. "Having watched sports all my life in America, there was no comparison in terms of the emotion that was in the stadium that day."

Arsenal prevailed over Aston Villa 2-0.

Suffering Soccer Fans

More than just the weather gives English Premier League fans the blues!

English soccer fans suffer severe withdrawal and depression when the season ends according to a study by the Premier League's major sponsor. Results of the study showed that about two-thirds have "end-of-season affective disorder".

Symptoms include a sense of hopelessness, an inability to communicate and lethargy. These symptoms could also appear during the season if a fan's club is not playing well.

Three-quarters of fans said soccer was more important than anything else in their lives. Seventy percent stated it was their main conversational topic.

Thank goodness soccer season is here!

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