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What Can I do to Help?

Man the concession stand. If only one parent per family would help out, no parent would have to serve more than 1 Saturday per season.
Help with field preparation. This mainly consists of measuring off and marking the fields. The fields only need measuring once per season. Every Saturday the team with the earliest home games chalks their field. In the past the Club has paid to have the fields brushhogged but if you want to tackle that and/or the mowing and weedeating, we would gladly accept your help. Lately it has been done by volunteers. The more the merrier!
Attend the monthly HSC Board Meetings. They are held at Harrah Steakhouse on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm. See the Maps page. We value your input greatly because without you and your child, we would not exist!
Support the Club fundraisers! We have at least one every season.
Be generous with your time and talents!

Harrah Soccer Club
PO Box 804
Harrah, Oklahoma 73045 USA

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